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HC-2 Series Universal Pressure Transmitter
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HC-2 Series Universal Pressure Transmitter


HC-2 series general-purpose pressure transmitter adopts advanced micromachined silicon diaphragm as core element, high-precision integrated pressure resistance sensor, Hastelloy diaphragm, stainless steel shell, international advanced production and packaging process , The product is small in size, compact in structure, light in weight, durable, with excellent dynamic and static characteristics and reliability, and the range, size, pressure interface, electrical interface can be customized according to customer requirements.

measurement method:

Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed gauge pressure, differential pressure, negative pressure, liquid level, suitable for most fluid media, suitable for mud.


Randomly specified range and multiple measurement methods, Gauge pressure: 0-100Mpa Range, arbitrarily selectable pressure range: 0-100Mpa, differential pressure: 0-4Mpa Range, negative pressure: -0.1Mpa- Any choice within the range of 0.4Mpa, flat film: 0-100Mpa range of arbitrary choices, liquid level: 1.0mH2O-1000mH2O range of arbitrary choices;

output method:

4-20mA current output (two-wire system), 0-10mA current output, 0-20mA current output, 0-5V voltage output (three-wire system), 1-5V voltage output; digital output optional; digital display optional;

temperature range:

  Compensation temperature range -20-80°C, medium temperature range: -40-120°C, ambient temperature range: -40-100°C

Accuracy 0.1% FS, high reliability and stability, a variety of electrical connections, small size and light weight, dimensions, pressure interface, electrical interface, pressure range can be customized.