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Micro pore water pressure sensor PDCR81

Ceramic filter

Solid structure

long lasting

Titanium alloy shell

Medium: gas and liquid compatible with ceramic at high pressure, and non-conductive gas at low pressure

Main Specifications

Measurement method: Gauge pressure, range: 0...7.5Kpa...35Kpa...100Kpa...300Kpa...700 Kpa...1.5Mpa...3.5Mpa...10 Mpa...30Mpa...60Mpa

Measurement accuracy: ±0.2%FS

Maximum overpressure: 20×FS, 10×FS, 5×FS, 3×FS

Zero Adjustment Range: ±10mV

Full-scale adjustment range: 20% of full-scale output

Temperature characteristics

Temperature compensation range: -20°C~120°C

Ambient temperature: -20°C~120°C

Output signal: 15mV, 35mV, 50mV, 75mV

Supply voltage: 5V

Electrical connection: four-core shielded cable

Dimensions: Φ6.4mm *11.4mm.