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Temperature Calibrator
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Temperature Calibrator



Measurement & Control

Dry Block and

Liquid Bath




Accurate temperature measurement is essential

for maintaining product quality, process efficiency,

regulatory compliance and operational safety in

industrial processes. High performance, stable

temperature sources are the solution for achieving

optimal performance of temperature sensors and

process instrumentation, by providing reference

temperatures for checking and calibrating

these devices. The GE Dry Block and Liquid Bath

Temperature Calibrators provide solutions for testing

temperature devices over a range of temperatures

from -35癈 to 650癈 (-30癋 to 1200癋) with a choice

of dry block and liquid bath configurations to

accommodate virtually any type, shape and size of


The design philosophy is one of simplification, that is,

simplifying the complex arts and skills of temperature

calibration to provide instrument technicians with a highly

accurate, yet simple to use temperature reference.

?Calibrated to EA-10/13 (European Co-operation for

Accreditation Guidelines on the Calibration of Dry Block

Calibrators) ensuring high accuracy without the necessity

of a reference probe!

?Quick and easy touch screen setting and set point

memory recall

?Dry block and liquid bath configurations with multi use

options for switching between dry, liquid and infra-red

well inserts

?Accommodates anything from unique probe sizes to

irregular shapes and provides a massive 60mm x 170mm

capacity for simultaneously testing multiple sensors

DryTC 165 and DryTC 650

These dry block calibrators incorporate the latest metal

block and electronic control technology and offer a choice

of precision bored well inserts to accommodate a wide

range of test devices. Two models are available:

?DryTC 165 generates temperatures from Room

Temperature (RT) to 165癈

?DryTC 650 generates temperatures from ambient to


Both models provide high accuracy, excellent set point

stability and rapid heating and cooling times.

?Temperature range from Room Temperature (RT to 650癈)

?Accuracy from ?.2癈

?Stability 0.05癈

?Rapid heating and cooling

?Light weight and robust for field use

?Choice of interchangeable well inserts

?Easy to set-up and use

Dry well insertion sleeves

Dry block calibrators greatly simplify the test and

calibration of process sensor heads, probes, switches and

thermometers, but optimum performance relies on a good

fit of the device in the well insert. To facilitate this, a range

of insertion sleeves are available with hole diameters to suit

the most common probes and devices.

LiquidTC 165 and LiquidTC 255

These multi-purpose calibrators combine the portability of

dry block calibrators with the flexibility of liquid immersion

baths to enable the testing and calibration of virtually

any shape and size of devices. The calibrators can be reconfigured

by the user to function as a liquid bath, as an

infrared black body source and as a dry block calibrator

with interchangeable inserts. The latest heating and

electronic control technology, combined with continuous

liquid agitation of the fluid bath, provide high accuracy and

stability throughout the large homogeneous measuring

zone. The calibrators are factory configured as liquid baths

and are provided with a bath cover to hold up to 5 devices

while reducing heat loss from the surface of the liquid

medium. For transportation a leak-proof sealing cover is

also provided as standard. Optionally the temperature

calibrators can be configured with additional capabilities

including interchangeable liquid baths, a black body

source and dry block interchangeable inserts. Two models

are available:

?LiquidTC 165 generates temperatures from Room

Temperature (RT) to 165癈

?LiquidTC 255 generates temperatures from ambient to


?Temperature range from Room Temperature (RT to


?Accuracy from ?.2癈

?Stability 0.05癈

?Large bath for irregular and multiple devices

?Multi-purpose ?liquid bath, black body source, dry block

?Interchangeable bath ?simplifies fluid changes

?Light weight and robust for field use

?Leak-proof bath cover for transportation

High capacity portable liquid bath

Standard factory configuration provides a

60 mm x 170 mm liquid bath with automatic liquid


Interchangeable liquid bath inserts

Allows the calibration media to be simply and quickly

changed to suit different temperature ranges, while

retaining the automatic liquid agitation.

Infra-red black body source

A specially constructed insertion sleeve provides an

emissivity of 1 (black body).

Dry well insertion sleeves

For the convenience of a dry block calibrator a range of

insertion sleeves are available with hole diameters to suit

most common probes and devices.

Dry block and liquid bath

general features

Controller OFF ?disables automatic temperature control

at the last set point temperature to allow the calibrator

settings to be changed part way through a test.

Manual control ?allows the power output of the

calibrator to be adjusted to control the rate at which the

calibrator reaches the set-point temperature.

Set-point memory ?allows up to four set-point

temperatures to be stored in memory. The test sequence

can then be activated with a single key press.

Test profile ?this function defines a temperature profile

with a heating rate to the first set-point value, a test

duration or soak time at set-point one followed by a

cooling rate to a second set-point.

PC communications -An optional USB cable is available

for connection to a PC.